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Veltiosis Consulting INC is an agile change management consulting firm, based in Minnesota, that focuses on sales effectiveness projects in North America, Latin America, Africa, and Asia/Oceania. We deliver excellent live and online customer-centric sales training through the identification of opportunities along the lines of better call management, increased customer interaction, customer centric approach, needs / value identification, and long term customer relationships. Our aim is to quickly improve your sales force's skills and its performance ...

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01/03/2014   Wishing you a healthy and prosperous 2014!

With the annual ritual of resolutions, here are a few suggestions that might be of interest to sales managers and sales reps alike…

1. Sell earlier in the month
2. Plan more each sales call / visit
3. Learn more about customers and their challenges
4. At the right time, ask more often for the sale
5. Plan the next steps before the sales call is over
6. Surpass my sales objectives
7. Perform more coaching with my sales reps
8. Provide more for factual and actionable feedback
9. Ask for referrals more often

Best is to focus on two at a time for ultimate and sustainable performance….

And speaking of referrals, if you know of a company that might require assistance with their sales groups, please do not hesitate to contact us… A referral is always greatly appreciated and… rewarded!

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